Fall Petite Wear-to-Work - Win a $25 Neiman Marcus Gift Card

*** The update to this post can be found HERE ***

Blogging about just my own wardrobe is no fun - I want to see what other petites are wearing and buying! I happen to have a $25 NM e-gift card sitting around, which may go to waste soon if I don't use it before it expires on November 15th. So all in all, a good excuse to hold this "giveaway" :

E-mail me (PetiteAsianGirl@gmail.com) a photo of you in your favorite Fall wear-to-work outfit.

Please include a brief description of:

1. Where the outfit is from, and
2. (only if you care to share) your sizing, for reference.

Of course, to protect your identity, please feel free to use a "nickname" and crop your face out of the photo or wear sunnies : )

(If you live somewhere that NM doesn't ship to, or if you just don't enjoy shopping there, please still feel free to share your cute Fall outfit!)

I will post entries and choose a winner one week from today, on November 4th, and email her the online code for a $25 Neiman Marcus gift card. Again, it expires on 11/15/09, and NM online currently has a free shipping at ANY price promo.

Not sure yet if the winner will be chosen or randomly drawn. Although, who am I kidding? I just started this blog a week or two ago, and probably only have 1 to 2 readers! I may receive no submissions, and will have to use that GC myself : )

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  1. Thank you for having a such great blog. I am a 4'11'' Asian girl weight around 85lbs. I will be working in a professional conservative industry at the end of this year. I am having troubles to find work clothing now. Anyway, I just want to thank you for sharing your experience. It is too bad that I can't join the contest, because I haven't had any favorite work clothes yet. =P

  2. Hi M_M ... aww, thanks! And congrats to you on starting your job this year!

    By "conservative professional industry," I am assuming you mean the Finance industry? I work in finance & accounting, and a few of my clients have business formal dress code (skirt or pants w/jacket for women, suit and tie for men).

    I recommend you invest in at least one good pant suit for your job and get it altered /tailored to perfection! It's much easier to find alterable skirts later on than well-fitting dress pants.

    As you probably know, I'm a huge Theory suit separates fan. It is more expensive, but it can be found on sale, and I think the premium you pay is well worth the fit. Of course later on you'll probably supplement your wardrobe with pieces from petite favorites BR and AT, but having at least one perfectly fitting suit makes all the difference!

  3. Thank you for the advice. You are right about difficulty of find a fitted dress pant. The size 00P of BR's martin fit pants are still big for me. I will check out the theory in bloomingdales. ^^ Thank you.

  4. If you haven't already, you should check out http://www.alterationsneeded.com/search/label/Pants ... she is the exact same size as you, and has found several pants that work after alterations!

  5. I just checked out the alternationneeded.com. It is really helpful. I found a custom tailor from her blog. http://moi-meme.com/ It is located in NYC. since I live in NYC, I am thinking to give it a try. I will keep you post. ^^


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