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If the title has not yet given me away, I am a petite Asian girl, standing just under 5 foot tall and weighing in at 90 to 95 lbs - depending on how good dinner was : ) For international friends, that is 152.4 cm and about 43kg. As fellow petites all know, it can be a challenge to build a polished and put-together wardrobe, especially for the workplace. Many a times I'll find myself resorting to the children's department, shamefully browsing the racks, pretending to be picking out a gift for that young niece. Although there may be a few good finds, the kiddy section is not the right solution!

This blog is about my experiences and challenges faced in the effort to build a polished petite wardrobe - for work, party, and play. More importantly, I'm hoping to seek suggestions, tips, and feedback from the community of extra tiny petites out there! There are few good resources on the net for petite fashionistas, but an excellent one (AlterationsNeeded) has inspired me to share my own experiences. The writer of Alterations Needed is a creative and charismatic lady, with great taste and even better suggestions, so I encourage readers to check out her site.


  1. Yay! Another petite fashionista! I hope you will have as great a time and experience blogging about your adventures as I have! I'm looking forward to see what tips and tricks you have for me and other fabulously dressed petite ladies. =)

    Also, thank you for the kind words!

  2. This is amazing. We are *exactly* the same height and weight. Only problem is, I'm in Australia, land of overpriced and oversized clothing.


  3. Woo! But you're taller than me. I'm only 149 cm and 39 kg.

  4. man i must be skinny.
    im 5'5 i weigh 44kgs

  5. hey how long have u been staying der in boston..

  6. @Anonymousm only 5 and i weigh 35 kg m da skinny of u all i guess


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